Retail Display Equipment and Supplies

One challenge in getting your booth set up is trying to create a great display but have everything be portable. After all, a lot of people are transporting this stuff in their hatchback. So what display equipment is available for you to quickly set up a great display? I will skip the obvious folding table and highlight some additional retail display components I think you’ll find useful.

Grid Wall Display

This is one of your most versatile displays in that they give you so many options. It is a wire mesh grid that allows you to hang several different types of hooks or acrylic hangers.

Hooks can vary to display all sorts of items. For example, one hook allows you to hang garments, another hats, a third belts, and the list goes on. For garment display you can have single or multiple. You can even have straight or angled which is referred to as waterfall. There are even hooks for displaying packaged food items.

If your concern is portability, these are often just a flat panel that hang up. However, you can also buy rolling bases and additional pieces for them so you can fit it to your needs.

Collapsible Clothing Rack

Another effective way to display hang up items is with a collapsible clothing rack. You can get these that will simply fold straight down flat. This makes it easy to slip into the back of the car or trunk. And, when you’re ready to use it, you pop up and go.

Of course, you also aren’t simply limited to using clothes with something like this. If you make things that hang, then you can let them dangle from the rod for a great display.

Flexible Body Forms

To augment your clothing display or to show your featured items, you can use flexible body forms. These are frames in the shape of a person that can be manipulated into any shape. They are simply a wire like frame which just lays flat during storage. They are great for transport and easy to use. They come in adult and child sizes.

Collapsible Shelving Units

If you are displaying small items then you certainly can’t be without your shelving. But, you need something that can lay flat. You can get some very nice units where the shelves and sides are hinged. This allows you to maximize your travel space, but have just what you need for displaying your items in your booth.

Clamp Lighting

Another issue that booth owners have is lighting. In some settings, lighting is a must in order to catch the public eye. But, depending on what you are displaying you may be hoping for something better than the industrial looking clamp on lights you’d find at the hardware store. You can actually find some very nice ones are your local department store. They are easy to set up and create a professional look.

Cardboard Step Risers

Another great display tool is cardboard step risers. Risers with a tablecloth or some fabric draped over the top can really dress up a display. Ones made out of cardboard are easy to assemble and light weight so you can move them around, create a nice display and then break them down flat and toss them in the car.

With just a bit of effort, you can find what you need to have a great display and still keep it something that will fit in the hatchback.