Countertop Displays

Increase your sales with counter top displays. Counter top displays put your products at the finger tips of your customers. Imagine for a moment your last trip to the store. When you went to the register, did you see any little displays? If the store was doing its job, you sure did. They are all too aware of how many items are sold while you are standing in line ready to pay.

Leverage these counter top displays to increase your sales. Put them in places where customers are likely to be standing for a few minutes. Looking at these displays gives them something to do while they're waiting. Quite often they will have their memory jogged on something else they needed, or just find convenient to buy from you so they don't have to make a trip somewhere else.

If you can, try to designate where the line will be for your register. This way you will know where people will be standing. Then you can set up your counter top displays as appropriate.

While these litlle displays may not seem important to some people, they can have a big impact on your booth. Even if all you have at a show is a table, the one display you will still set up is your counter top display.