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Dear Crafter,

Are you looking to make a few extra dollars, spend more time with your family, or even turn your craft making skills into a full time business?

If thatís your goal, then let me share with you a free resource gem that will will uncover the basics of how to sell your crafts. You will be taking your first steps toward the satisfying experience of selling your personally, handmade items. Before you know it, youíll be watching people walk away with a smile on their face because they purchased your workmanship.

Itís a free 5 day course that will get your mind churning on where to start. Itís going to deal with critical issues such as:

"The first installment of the five day course was very very informative. Thank you I do not know where I could find so much information in one place."
~ Ralph

Whenever you start something new, many times you have that sense of bewilderment of where to start. Your head is just swimming with all sorts of ideas, or maybe you just have that overwhelmed sensation. No doubt if you were to walk down the line of booths at a craft show and ask the booth owners, many would tell you that's the way it was for them. They started out feeling like they had no idea where to start. But, little by little they started making ground, learning the secrets of the trade, until they were ready to open their own booth. But they had to start at the same place as everyone else - the beginning.

This course is designed to be the starting line. It's meant to get you over and past that overwhelmed or even lost feeling and onto the right train of thought. It's intended to direct your thinking and give you focus so you can start understanding the critical issues. From here you'll build on your understanding with more and more detail as you're building your way to successfully selling your crafts.

As I've said, this is all free. There is no cost to you. You donít even have to remember to go in to a website each day. I've tried to make as easy as pie. Youíll get the lesson delivered right to your email each day. All you have to do is fill out the form below to sign up. Are you ready to start selling your crafts? Then sign up and get your first installment immediately! You won't even have to wait. Just so I make sure I'm not sending anyone unwanted email, you'll get a confirmation email first. If you don't see it in a few minutes, make sure you check your trash or your spam settings. Sometimes you need to explicitly accept that you'd like to get email from someone. Or, maybe you have a spam folder. Make sure it didn't end up there. Once you click the confirm link, your first lesson will hit your inbox, and you're on your way. Don't wait, start today!

Shawn Vincent
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